Please send the payment directly from transferwise to our bank account and choose recipient receive CNY (CHINESE YUAN), we ONLY ACCEPT CHINESE YUAN as receipients currency for Transferwise transfers. We give the instruction below. All informations provided should be enough for you to complete the transfer. Make sure to write the reference number. If you have any questions contact us via Telegram @busypiao or WhatsApp 

1. Visit

2. Login to your account / Or create a new account.

3. In the transfer page, choose Recipient gets CNY (CHINESE YUAN) and enter the correct order total amount in CNY. We only accept CNY currencies for now, so please use the currency converter to convert USD to CNY or let Transferwise convert it for you.

4. Choose “send money to Someone else”

5. You just have to fill our email :

[email protected] (make sure to not make any typo error)

And Enter the Bank Account details below:


Country: China

City: Shanghai

Recipient Address: Jingan

Post Code (if required): 200050

Select Unionpay and enter the Unionpay Card number,

UNIONPAY CARD: 6230521620036644872

6. In the next page, remember to write your order number as Reference.

7. You can then use your credit card, debit card or Apple Pay to pay for the transfer.

8. We will confirm your order within 24 hours after receiving your payment.

Warm Reminder: if you write a wrong order number, or someone else order number by mistake, we cannot refund you if the said order has been shipped already. 

Tips: You can enter the US$ total of your order in the "you send USD" field and let Transferwise do the conversion to CNY, or if you are sending from another currency, please convert your total US$ amount into CNY¥, and enter this converted amount into the "recipient gets CNY" field. You can also get the CNY¥ conversion rate at XE website, or in your order confirmation e-mail.



First time customers can pay for their order via Paypal. Contact our sales team on WhatsApp or Telegram @busypiao