Background (who is BusyStone?)

BusyStone defines themselves as the best Stone Island replica makers on the market. The difference between us and 99% of other replica makers is that when we think about replicas, we think about cheap replica sold in city's street that will last you for 6 months before you throw it away. Bad replicas and fast fashion pollute the world. Our items are made from the same material as retail(if not better) and are built to be sustainable and last for years. No shortcuts. We craft items that last through your lifetime but for the fraction of the price.

What do we do?

BusyStone believes in sustainable clothing. We want to craft clothes that are the same as Stone Island in fabrics, zippers, buttons, and badges. We remake iconic designs from Stone Island for 70-80% cheaper than what Stone Island sells them for. We buy the retail items, analyze them, dissect them and replicate to the finest details, from the fabrics to the fitting to the buttons to the zip to the stitching and labels.



Why are the tags/badges on your website sometimes BusyStone/Stone Island?

We cover up the Stone Island tags to prevent getting taken down by Stone Island. When you buy from us you receive your items with Stone Island tags, Certilogo, labels and badges.

What size should I choose?

You can choose the same size as you would choose when shopping at your Stone Island store. If the item we sell is available at the store next to your home, don't hesitate to try it on. Our sizing is exactly the same as Stone Island products for the same reference. If you are still unsure about the size to choose, we have a size chart attached to the item at the description.

How much is shipping?

Depends on how many items you have in your cart. Shipping starts at 36$ and increase by 8$ per item. After ordering and paying via TransferWise we send a tracking number to your email within 2 business days. We use DHL EXPRESS SHIPPING 3-7 days worldwide (could take up to 1-2 weeks during pandemic).

When can I expect my tracking number?

Once all the items in your order are released and available, we will issue a shipment for your order. Once we issue your shipment,  we will change your order status to complete. It can take up to 3 business days after completing your order before we could provide you with the tracking number. The tracking will be uploaded in your account online and sent by mail.

Where do I track my order?

Once shipped, you sill receive your tracking number by e-mail within 48 hours. You can also find your tracking number in your account once logged in. 

Track your DHL order here
Track your EMS order here

What happens if my package gets seized?

This is very unlikely to happened, we have a very low seized rates. But If your package gets seized and destroyed by customs, we'll send a new package to you free of charge. We don't cover any problem related to loss or damaged parcels. 

Do I have to pay import taxes?

We arrange the invoice in order to avoid import taxes for our customers. We declare our items at a low value so you shouldn't be taxed in most situation. But in very rare situations, it happens that your local customs will not believe our declaration value and ask you for an invoice. We suggest you to provide them with your busystone invoice and pay for the applied taxes. We remind you that customers are responsible to pay any taxes that might applied to their order. If customers refuse their parcel for taxes or other reasons, no refund will be given

Note: If your package gets seized and destroyed by customs, we'll send a new package to you free of charge. We don't cover any problem related to taxed, loss or damaged parcels. 

When do pre-order pieces release?

When you visit our website, you can see that we have some items listed as preorder. In order to know their availability time, you can see the description, we write the release date at the bottom of the description. We reward our customer who put their trust in our work and offer a preorder discount which is 20-25% cheaper than its release price. If you decide you wait for the release, you ll have to pay the Release price.

How to pay?

We cannot use traditional payment methods because we are selling Replicas and regular payment solutions don't accept it. We mainly use TransferWise which is a very popular online payment company that is based in the UK and also very similar to PayPalTo read about how to use TransferWise, please visit: busystone.co/paid

If is is your first time purchasing from us, we can allow you to make your first purchase using Paypal. When sending a payment via Paypal, it is requested for you to send your payment as Friend and Family. Please contact us via our Livechat, e-mail or Instagram for Paypal details. (instagram account link is given in our live chat)